Distinctive Support

Distinctive Support


Distinctive Support provides confidential administration support to clients on an ad-hoc or regular basis. Bookings can be as short or as long as YOU need. You will be allocated an Account Manager who will deal with your account from start to finish.

Due to the nature of our services and current available technology we can assist you wherever you live in the UK.

Our services can include, but are not restricted to those on the right. If you do not see what you require, feel free to contact us and we will happily discuss your requirements.

We aim to meet your demands.



Distinctive SupportWhat do you require letters for? Marketing? Account chasing? Information?

Would you like us to create an effective template letter you can issue as and when needed? What about a bespoke letter to meet a specific need for a specific client? Or clients?

Distinctive Support will use the tone you want to achieve the results you require.

We can advise on, devise and design forms for all manner of purpose.

We will create comprehensive but user friendly application forms, standing order forms, invoices, statements, information recording procedures and a myriad of other forms.

Through a series of short but probing questions we can ascertain what is needed and meet those demands.

Distinctive Support can undertake your monthly invoicing.

Regular, professional mailshots to clients can improve your profile, boost your business, increase your profile and bring visitors to your web site

We can manage your newsletters and schedule them to maximise their effectiveness.

Let Distinctive Support help you send your message directly and clearly.

Distinctive SupportWhat is a brand?

How do you create one?

Does your company image match your aims?

Distinctive Support will advise and guide on how you create an image for the company for the foreseeable future. Getting it right from day one can be integral to building a loyal customer.

Distinctive SupportWho is your target market?

How do you reach it?

What budget will you work to?

What is the best way of reaching the maximum audience with the funds available?

Could guerrilla marketing help you get noticed?

Distinctive Support will devise a plan that you can implement to maximise available resources.

Distinctive SupportMaking social media work for your business

Modern marketing allows you to get your message to a wider, more focussed audience, quicker, cheaper and more responsive than ever before.  Your competitors are using Facebook, Twitter, Squidoo and LinkedIn to get their message across.  Are you?

  • Do you have time to manage your regular updates?
  • Do you know how to maximise content delivery to get the right message to where it needs to be?
Distinctive Support can manage your social media strategy on a daily or as-required basis to make sure that your message is up to date, relevant and targeted.  With our help, you can reach your target audience on your terms.

Distinctive SupportWe think clear and simple systems and processes that anyone can use are the best way forward.

So after analysing your needs we will discuss our thoughts and then devise a workable, friendly but highly effective system or process. Distinctive Support can document our findings either for your own purpose or for distribution to your staff.


Get your business moving with Distinctive Support - contact us now.